Sister Esther Ongole  Andrha Pradesh in South India

Sister Ruth Kerejji- Nsoola Uganda

Siblot Philippines..

Sister Sherry Ann Blanco

Mukono Municipal Council.

Kampala Uganda

Sis Norah Nakintu

Pastor Merry Kyaligamba

We are the Sisters of the Lord
We're going forth to share the Gospel of the One we adore
We are the Sisters of the Lord living by His might.
We're one in Jesus as we fight the Good fight

Sister Ellie Miller-Mayes County Ok USA

Sister Jaya -Andhra Pradesh India

Pastor Mary Kato - Doho Uganda

Sister Robin Allen-International Office-USA

  • Bringing women together from the young to the elder
  • Fellowship in Jesus
  • do projects for your community to let your Light Shine
  • Bible studies
  • cooking  sewing and crafts.... FUN
  • sharing your lives together
  • see lives changed through Jesus Christ
  • teaching women to love themselves and their families

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Sister  JANET WEPUKHULU,    Chapter President


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   MY ID is   REVROBIN or FB live


Chapter President-Sister Jyothi

Sister Sujanee Abraham.. Visakhapatnam India

Karimnagar India..Sister Vincent and Sister Manohar‚Äč  and Sister Hepsiba and little sisters of the Lord

Sister Beth Evanson Troy Missouri

Sister Shazia Amir   Lahore Pakistan

Sister Anna Njorge- Nairobi, Kenya

Rev Robin Allen and Sisters of the Lord

 Sister Silvia Haddad ...Argentina..                   Berazategui--- Buenos Aires